Early Childhood

Movement, dance technique, creativity and more for kids ages 2-5

Creative Movement, Pre-Ballet and more for the tiniest dancers. Along with learning steps, toddlers develop discipline, confidence, social skills and musicality in these structured, fun-filled classes.


Dance. Play. Leap. Twirl. Stretch. Imagine.

Young children do all this and more in our early childhood programs.

Our goal is to make learning dance as much fun as possible, with each child leaving the studio with new friends, a positive self-image and a sense of accomplishment.

In Creative Movement, dancers as young as 2 get an introduction to structured movement through games, stories and other fun activities. Pre-Ballet is designed for kids ages 4 and up who’d like to learn the art of classical ballet but without the pressure of auditions and formal recitals.

Early childhood group classes offered weekly at our Rittenhouse studio. Because these are small-group classes, we require registration for the full series.

Next 8-week session starts May 4, 2024! (No classes Memorial Day weekend 4/25 & 4/26)

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  • Pre-Ballet (4-6 year-olds) — Saturdays at 9:30 am
  • Creative Movement (2-3.5 year-olds) — Sundays at 9:30 am or 10:30am
  • Jazz/Hip-Hop Combo (4-6 year-olds) — Sundays at 9:30 am
  • Jazz/Ballet Combo (4-6 year-olds) — Sundays at 10:30 am
Early Childhood Programs we offer:

Creative Movement — Toddlers will explore all kinds of movement using games, role-playing, stories, sing-a-long songs and other activities. Along with hopping, leaping, spinning and embodying animals, they might even do a few yoga poses! While the kids have fun on the dance floor, they’ll also get lots of practice following directions and developing body control.

*Creative Movement (2 year-olds + caregivers) — A variation of our popular toddler program where grownups get to join in on the fun!

Pre-Ballet — An introduction to classical ballet in a welcoming, no-pressure environment. Along with traditional techniques, class includes exercises and movement activities inspired by popular children’s music. The structured group setting encourages students to connect with each other while also developing creativity, discipline, confidence and musicality. No experience required. Individual attention is given to each child so that even those with prior ballet training can continue progressing.

*Dance Party Mix — This combination of line dances and movement-based games even gets “non-dancers” on the floor! Children will participate in dance battles, get a chance to lead their own moves, play “freeze dance” and more. And, of course, there will be plenty of easy-to-follow routines along with party favorites like “Jump in the Line” and “Cupid Shuffle,” to name a few.

Jazz/Hip-Hop & Jazz/Ballet Combo — Older toddlers get an introduction to two different styles in these energetic combo courses. Each class includes a blend of technique, follow-the-leader routines and dance games. Along with foundational steps, students will learn a complete routine by the end of the session. Parents will be invited to watch an informal demo at the last class.

*World Beats — Dance around the world in this uptempo class featuring international rhythms and styles. From a cumbia partner routine to an Irish reel, kids will get a taste of all sorts of different cultures. It’s almost like a kid-friendly Zumba class, but with less emphasis on fitness. The instructor will break down some of the steps so that everyone can feel comfortable with them. (Classes can also be tailored to focus on specific international genres such as African, Bollywood or Latin.)

*These classes are currently offered for private parties and events. Email us if you’re interested in an ongoing class. If we get enough inquiries, we’re happy to set up new sessions!


Semi-Private Options

We also offer customized toddler programs for private events, parties or small groups! Contact us to schedule a small-group session at one of our studios, or we can even bring the dance party to you!  

For more personal attention, we also offer private and semi-private lessons. Rates start at $37.50/half hour.